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Rachel Marie Smith

What Do We Look Like?

I've received a few e-mails asking us what the staff that will be filming the parodies looks like.
We've already posted on otakon    's community because we'll be attending the convention,
so here is that post repeated once more. We hope you like us!! ^__^'


The entire cast is not here, just some of us. I can post more later if I get more requests.

I photoshoped his eyes~.

We were getting ready to leave. *sigh*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
*updated* lol. Edward & Jacob fighting.


Bella = Me (Rachel)

Edward = Tucker

Mike Newton, Bella(Me), and Edward. lol

Jasper = David

This is his union reenactment uniform, but he has a confederate one as well.
Jasper will be decked in his civil war garb for Otakon. :D

Emmet = Kyle

(Guy on the right. His hair is a bit more fluffy since February~.)

Rosalie = Steph

Replacement Rosalie! AKA Jessica = (Until Steph is out of a cast!!) Julia

Alice = Mel

James = Austin

@ Cheesecake Factory.

That's our friend, Kim's purse. I refuse to think that it's not alive.
lol. His eyes are red in this on. :D

Jacob = Jon

Jacob/Jon looks like a bad-ass.
Meanwhile I/Bella look like someone's puppy just got killed...
Mike/Keith looks like he's about to go stab Edward/Tucker...-_-'

Victoria = Kes

Yeah. We pulled David/Jasper's hair back into cute hair up half down pigtails before I
took this picture of him taking revenge on Kes's hair. lol

If you look in the background...
Edward got sucked into D&D...NOOOOoooo~~~!!! >_<'

Mike Newton = Keith
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i like the flyers jersey. xD

if i was going to otakon, i'd definitely be stalking you guys down. <3
lol. I'll be sure to tell him. XD
Yea! *dances*
Wow those are really good, you guys will make this fantastic i know! <3
Hee. Thank you! *hugs*
We're looking forward to our finals being over so we can start filming~. :D
Omg this is just... indescribable! Love it!! :D
XD Thank you. *dances*
Is the guy whos gonna be jacob actually native american? Cause AWESOME!


June 25 2008, 14:46:14 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  June 25 2008, 14:46:43 UTC

Partially, yes which makes it that much more awesome~. ^__^
I thought so! He looks like my dad did when he was younger! :) Super cool!
Hee. ^_^
We just posted up the video video clip of our first parody. Jon isn't in it, but he will be~.