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Twilight Parodies!!

First post!
Still no layout! >_<'

So my friends and I that are cosplaying as the Twilight characters
at Otakon 2008 are filming fan parodies.

1. We're looking for ideas of what the fans want to see.
2. We already have at least 10 that we'll be filming.
3. The tentative plan is to post them every Monday or so
depending on the length and the video editing time required.
4. The parodies can be from all 3 books.
5. They can be with any character. We have a full cast.

A few Parodies already decided...

1. Resisting Temptation When Hunger Strikes.
2. Edward Falls From Windows.
3. A Series of Emmet Misfortunes...
4. The James Dance!

Please join our community twilightcostume!
Where cosplayers, and Twilight parody creators can unite!
Yes. We allow hand drawn parodies to be posted there as well.

x-posted - sorry. -_-'
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