Rachel Marie Smith (catsfilmingtea) wrote in twilightcostume,
Rachel Marie Smith

Twilight Costume Parody : RELEASE 04 (HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!)

Twilight Dads!

My father is a Twilight fan now! :D
Happy Father's Day!!


So my father just had knee surgery. He's an avid reader, but refused to read Twilight or anything related to, "that book series you're fan-girling over". Horrified one day, he realized he was out of books to read, and wasn't allowed to drive for another two weeks. He couldn't go to the library, better known as his sanctuary.

He watched hours of TV, he napped, and reread a book or two before he noticed I had set Twilight on his bedside.
Yes, he picked it up, he opened the the book, he began reading it, and now he's hooked.

I took this with my cell phone and texted it to all my friends and guy friends that read Twilight too.
We're all amused that he's given into the fandom. He's currently reading New Moon. :D
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