Rachel Marie Smith (catsfilmingtea) wrote in twilightcostume,
Rachel Marie Smith

Behind the Scenes! Twilight Costume Filming!

RIGHT CLICK ----> VIEW IMAGE to view full Size!

Yesterday filming was a great success!
Here are VERY FEW still shots of the many scenes we filmed!! :D

Emmet is freaking out! "This is a promotional video!"

Emmet panics as the interviewer is overly attracted to Jasper who is...thirsty...

Now it's Jasper's turn to panic as Alice makes her way into the picture. XD

Look, it's Jacob Black! XD
Tags: behind the scenes, twilight costume release
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I don't like how you portray the Twilight Series. You take it as a joke and it's not. You're making a disgrace out of a fabulous book series that many love. I know you may think it's funny and harmless fun but to me it's not. Stop, please.
We're all fans of the book...please go say this to every Twilight parody group, not just us please. ^_^

I am a new user, and I have no clue where I can get a really cool custom CSS. Please help me out, my journal is so ugly right now!
Under interest (top right hand corner of LJ) search for "LJ layouts" or "layouts" or "CSS layouts".